turning trading activities into financing and risks cover


C&TConsulting started their operations in 2005 mainly to support trading companies for global trade finance services and expertise without having to hire dedicated specialists in each area of trade finance or insurance fields within their own organization.

Thus covering a wide range of services dedicated to corporates, traders, SMEs, banks,  we focus our approach on added value tailor made solutions.

Although over years C&T Consulting was expending its activities successfully, the universe of Trade Finance and Insurance were becoming more complex within a challenging world environment

Today, the methodology and the credit risk assessment are the key drivers to be able to turn trade businesses into banking credit lines and internal risk management expertise to insurance solutions.

Our activities and services are rendered worldwide thus operating from Geneva.

Our key factors for a successful appraisal of your business :

  • Senior management positions held within various international trade finance banks, trading firms

    High expertise in banking process, day to day operations management, compliance & regulations, organization

  • Operations and finance positions within trading companies

    From contract to payment, including treasury , forex, stock monitoring,  shipping and inspections.

  • Insurance Broker

    Insurance brokers with large independent brokerage firms, strong network with insurance companies.

  • Courses and live training

    Recognized seminars and professional training held on a regular basis to maintain high level of knowledge of the industry practice.